MB-60 Aluminium systems with thermal break

MB-60 is a modern aluminium system used for buildings requiring additional thermal and acoustic insulation so it is perfect for mudrooms, anterooms, showcases and other.
The profile of MB-60 has three chambers. The construction depth of the window elements is 66 mm for the frame, 69 mm for the leaf and 60 mm and 60 mm for door respectively. Such dimensions give an even look to the window from its outside, and levelled look of joined casing and casement. The shape of the section makes it possible to achieve slim and durable door and window constructions. An essential advantage of MB-60 system is the possibility of bending the profiles, including casings, casements and saddle bars, which enables creating various types of arches and arch constructions.
MB-60 system is characterized by a unique heat transmittance value thanks to thermal breaks and gaskets. Window sections based on this system have U-value equal to 2,0 W/m2K, door sections – from 2,30 W/m2K. Mentioned thermal breaks, made of polyamide enriched with glass fiber, are constructed in a way that they resemble an omega. They are 24 mm thick in windows and 14 mm in doors. The omega-shaped breaks increase stability of the profiles much more than classic, flat ones. They also protect window or door from the rain, at the same time assuring proper thermal insulation during any type of weather outside. Threshold made of HPVC along with EPDM gaskets guarantee good thermal insulation of the door leafs, as well as waterproofness and air permeability.
The distinctive feature of this system is its compatibility with door and window systems MB-45, MB-59 Si and MB-70. Such construction makes it possible to obtain and use the same, compatible elements in all of those systems, such as glazing beads, gaskets, fittings, locks, hinges or various technological processes like connecting edges, cutting etc. One of the aspects all those features entail is the fact that even if you choose various doors and windows, based on different systems, they will all match.
MB-60 system is a prototype for systems requiring higher thermal insulation: MB-60HI, MB-60US HI, MB-60E HI and MB-60EF HI.
Anti-burglar doors are usually based on that system.