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Tilt-and-slide balcony door

drzwi tarasowe uchylno-przesuwne PSK

Energy-saving terrace doors with an excellent ventilation system

Tilt-and-slide balcony door

  • Comfort

  • Savings

  • Ventilation

  • drzwi tarasowe przesuwne psk
  • drzwi tarasowe uchylno-przesuwne PSK
  • drzwi tarasowe uchylno-przesuwne

Roto Patio Alversa

Tilt-and-slide balcony doors save space and provide excellent ventilation for rooms. Equipped with the Roto Patio Alversa system, they are available in 3 options:

  1. Economic KS tilt-and-slide system – creates optimal conditions for ventilation thanks to its tilting function;
  2. PS parallel sliding system – additionally equipped with the microventilation function and anti-prying latches, securing the home against burglary even in the door’s microventilating position;
  3. PS Air parallel sliding system – the only system of its type on the market, equipped with a ventilation function in its tilted position, enabling excellent airing of residences. Additionally equipped with an automatic handle control mechanism, it makes opening and closing the door exceptionally convenient.


  • Basic veneer colors

  • Additional veneer colors

Tilt-and-slide balcony doors can be made in different systems. At the customer’s request, we can adjust any specifications, including the thickness of the installation profile and the heat transfer coefficient of the glazing and door.
drzwi tarasowe uchylno-przesuwne PSK abakus

Natural lighting for your home

Tilt-and-slide balcony doors made from PVC of the highest quality have designs that are very functional and optimal to use and are an impressive and stylish enrichment for any home. Expansive glazings optically enlarge the interior and let natural light in, and the large, transparent surfaces become a natural transition between the living room and the terrace or garden.

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