Abakus’ fully automated, innovative machine park functions based on an integrated, pro-environmental production management and quality system – IRMC Production®. Developed and certified structures of accountability for the product make it perfect in terms of workmanship and operation. As one of the most modern integrated production technologies, IRMC Production® ensures systemic resource and knowledge management as well as customer service. This is a modern solution that meets global standards, implemented for the purpose of optimizing operations, maximizing quality and rationalizing energy consumption.

opatentowana technologia Abakus Okna S.A.

A pro-environmental standard developed by leaders

  • Patented, modern technology
  • Guarantees the highest quality of products
  • International recognition
  • Care for ecology and the environment

Production process

  • 1


    Before we manufacture your window, we verify the hardness and shape of profiles, the quality of steel sections, standards, we take samples and test them in our laboratory.

  • 2


    High-grade plastics that have passed preliminary tests, we stabilize them at the temperature that is right for processing in one of the most modern high-bay warehouses in Europe.

  • 3


    We design windows digitally using our original IRMC Production®>> production management and quality system, which precisely determines cutoff points on pieces and joints between PVC and steel parts.

  • 4


    We produce the components that we then join into a ready frame or casement product.

  • 5

    WE TEST!

    We test our windows yet again. This time, we test them for strength – our windows conform to 180% of the current standard, i.e. 5100 N.

  • 6

    WE FIT!

    6-head robots mount fittings on the window with the highest accuracy and optimal torque.

  • 7


    We join frames with casements and permanently integrate glazing packages with them.

  • 8


    Your window goes through the final verification process. A highly qualified controller assigns to the product a unique code confirming the highest product quality.

  • 9

    WE SHIP!

    We transfer your window to a carrier, who – after first securing it – will deliver it to the indicated address.