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Exterior doors

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Classic and modern models elegant exterior doors

Exterior doors

  • Perfect workmanship

  • Ergonomic

  • Extravagant

Exterior doors can be manufactured in all available systems. At the customer’s request, we can adjust any specifications, including the type of material (PVC, aluminum), thickness of the installation profile and the heat transfer coefficient of the glazing and door.


  • Basic veneer colors

  • Additional veneer colors

At the customer’s request, every entry door model can be equipped with modern fingerprint scanners, which „remember” up to 200 users. In addition, it is possible to control the door’s leaf remotely using a remote control. We manufacture products equipped with fingerprint scanners using the Aluprof profile, which contains so-called Aerogel for excellent thermal insulation.
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A reasonable choice in good taste

Made from the highest-quality PVC, these doors stand at the intersection of classical and modern design, functionality, durability and precise workmanship. Entry doors are made of a composite panel insulated with polyurethane foam and have a modern design. They provide excellent thermal insulation and protection. The possibility of composing custom panel fillings means that this product can easily be adapted to your needs and the architect’s assumptions. Exterior doors are available in many colors and exceptional shapes, with a wide range of handles and grips to choose from. Their color scheme is consistent with our offer of imitation wood veneers applied on PVC windows. Exterior doors with frame-fitted filling are an excellent choice and have a great price to quality ratio.


  • Sophisticated entrance in luxury style

    The door manufacturer Abakus offers home entrance doors made of aluminium – both infill as well as panel doors Aluprof. Aluminium external doors are ideal for all those who value safety, elegance and perfect workmanship. Aluminium combines the comfort of use with incredible durability of the material. It provides protection for the house and its inhabitants. It is also an extravagant and modern material. Attractive designs and colours of entrance doors are available. The full offer is presented in the Abakus door catalogue. They will satisfy the taste of even the most demanding customers. They will delight with elegant workmanship and high security class. Check how competitive the price of Abakus aluminium door is.

  • Impressive overlay panel

    Aluminium external panel doors from Abakus impress with their design and workmanship. The price of panel doors depends on their specification. They can be flush on one or both sides. Made in four construction variants: ST, SI, SI+ and Aero. This is an excellent offer for those looking for an impressive external door that will decorate houses of a higher standard. All thanks to the unique combination of the overlay panel with the leaf. It makes it possible to manufacture external panel doors of very large dimensions. Even up to 1.4 m wide and 2.6 m high. Such panel doors are made in the Aluprof system. They provide optimal protection against the cold. They guarantee sensational heat transfer coefficient U.

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