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SYNEGO SLIDE balcony door

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Intelligent sliding doors
fit for a modern home

SYNEGO SLIDE balcony doors

  • a modern and elegant sliding system for an attractive combination of interior with a garden or terrace

  • extraordinary lightness of sliding sashes and new opening comfort – perfect for children and the whole family

  • sliding doors that provide comfortable warmth, blissful silence, high resistance to rain and anti-burglary protection

SYNEGO SLIDE balcony door

  • Number of chambers

    7-chamber frame profiles and 6-chamber sash profiles

  • Thickness of installation profile

    156 mm

  • Heat transfer coefficient of glazing

    0.5 W/m2K

  • Heat transfer coefficient of door

    0,74 W/(m2K)*

  • Guarantee

    2 years

* Applies to Synego SLIDE with dimensions 3000 mm / 2300 mm

Abakus Catalog

SYNEGO SLIDE documentation


  • Basic veneer colors

  • Additional veneer colors

Synego SLIDE handles

Functional and stylish handles, extremely comfortable in everyday use due to their ergonomic shape. The highest-quality Roto Line handles are the perfect finishing touch to the Synego SLIDE door in a modern version. They are available in many elegant colors, presented below, with or without a key. They present the best parameters that can be exhibited by a door handle: high safety, comfort of use and elegant design.


    • White

    • Silver

    • Tytan

    • Light brown

    • Brown

    • Dark brown

    • Black matt

    • White opened with a key

    • Silver opened with the key

    • Tytan matt opened with a key

    • Brown opened with a key

    • Dark brown opened with a key

    • Black matt opened with a key

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SYNEGO SLIDE doors – more space: a new concept of interior design

SYNEGO SLIDE sliding doors reveal completely new, improved architectural and arrangement possibilities. You will gain more space in your home and you will implement modern housing concepts.

Save space and get an attractive connection between the inside and the outside world. Of course, combined with the convincing ease of use that is characteristic of SYNEGO SLIDE sliding windows.

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Close and open the SYNEGO SLIDE door almost without your touch

SYNEGO SLIDE doors reach the maximum dimensions of 4 m x 2.5 m, maintaining the extraordinary ease of sliding large-size leaves. They can be opened and closed with little effort and with a few simple movements.

Innovative lightness, user-friendliness, minimum effort – this is how the SYNEGO SLIDE mechanism works! Check how you can open or close even structurally huge doors in the blink of an eye. How it’s working?

  • The sliding element moves without much effort on the part of the user.
  • Due to the rotation of the handle, the sliding element easily moves against the frame.
  • When the handle points vertically downwards, the sliding door is completely closed.
  • The SLIDE door can be equipped with the SoftClose function, which gently slows down the sash while closing and brings it to the end position.

Discover a new lightness od opening

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Synego SLIDE doors: the best parameters

  • To prevent expensive heat energy from escaping through the windows, choose SYNEGO SLIDE patio doors! They have excellent thermal insulation properties, thanks to which the heat remains inside.
  • In addition to high-quality thermal insulation glass, sound-absorbing glass can be used in the SYNEGO SLIDE balcony door. They attenuate noise by up to 43 decibels. This means almost a 20-fold reduction and a blissful silence inside the house.
  • The SYNEGO SLIDE door is also highly resistant to rain. The innovative closing mechanism ensures an evenly distributed pressure of the sliding element. This allows for a perfect fit of the circumferential seal – for high tightness even during heavy rainfall.
  • Synego SLIDE door DESIGN

  • Perfect apperance

    SYNEGO SLIDE is a product in which innovation and modernity are manifested in every parameter and design. By choosing SLIDE sliding doors for your home, you have the option of completely wrapping the profiles with decorative foil – without leaving a color-differentiated central rebate. This is essential for a uniform, consistent appearance for windows and doors. Today, thanks to SYNEGO SLIDE, it becomes possible!

  • Over 400 colors and textures to choose from

    SYNEGO SLIDE doors are available for design and purchase in over 400 color and structural variants, which gives almost unlimited design and arrangement possibilities! This wide selection is possible thanks to the REHAU color kaleidoscope (KALEIDO COLOR). The veneers comply with the REHAU template, which we present on the product card of the Premium Rehau bluSYNEGO windows.

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