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Energy-saving PVC windows from the Premium blu line

bluENERGY windows

  • environment-friendly windows manufactured in sustainable production

  • compliant with passive construction standards

  • warm and safe for household members and the environment

Technical specifications

okna pcv bluvisio abakus
  • Number of chambers

    6-chamber frame and casement profiles

  • Depth of installation

    82 mm

  • Heat transfer coefficient of glazing package

    3-pane, 2-chamber (triple glazing) package Ug = 0.5 W/m2K

  • Gaskets

    2 locking gaskets, 1 central gasket, gaskets thermally bonded at the corners

  • Heat transfer coefficient of window

    Uw = 0.76 W/m2K*

  • Fittings

    Roto NX

  • Reinforcements

    Additional ribs stiffening frame and casement profiles; windows reinforced with steel 2 mm thick

  • Anti-burglary protection

    Up to class RC2

  • Seal

    Abakus IRMC Production® technology

  • Handle

    Roto Line Secustic

  • Additional accessories

    Warm pane spacer

  • Guarantee

    5 years

* Applies to 1230/1480 reference window.


bluENERGY windows are available in many colors and shades. They will endow the facade with an unique, aesthetically pleasing character, according to the finishing style and the customer’s needs.

  • Basic veneer colors

  • Additional veneer colors


The modern Roto Secustic handle is a beautiful enhancement for the window. It adds character to both modern and traditional projects. Its designer shape, convenience of use and strength are undoubtedly its best features. Stylish colors and versions with and without locks are available.

    • White (R07.2)

    • Old Gold (R05.5) press-to-open handle

    • Old Gold (R05.5) Lockable Handle

    • Grey Bronze (R04.1)

    • Titanium (R01.3)

    • Silver (R01.1)

    • Medium Bronze (R05.3)

    • Bronze (R05.5)

okna bluenergy abakus

Energy savings and safety

bluENERGY windows, made from PVC of the highest grade, are manufactured using the original, energy-saving Abakus IRMC Production® technology. Thanks to the application of a completely safe, environment-friendly raw material, they are recyclable, meet the highest environmental standards, and comply with the internal Abakus program of accountability for the product, employee and customer health, and care for the environment.

okna bluenergy abakus premium

Comfort and functionality

Premium bluENERGY windows offer the highest level of thermal insulation. They have gaskets protecting against heat loss and enhancing the soundproofing properties of the passive windows. Decidedly “warmer” than standard windows, they have the best energy efficiency specifications in their class: Uw equal to 0.76 W/m2K. Moreover, the deep embedding of glazings enhances the thermal insulation of passive bluENERGY windows, and exterior chambers ensure ventilation and cooling of the profile.

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