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HS lift-and-slide balcony door

drzwi tarasowe podnoszono-przesuwne HS

Modern balcony door ensuring increased comfort of living

HS lift-and-slide balcony door

  • Elegance

  • Refinement

  • Best functionality

Technical specifications

  • Number of chambers


  • Thickness of installation profile

    190 mm (Rehau) 194mm (Salamander)

  • Heat transfer coefficient of glazing

    0.5 W/m2K

  • Heat transfer coefficient of door

    0.8 W/m2K*

  • Guarantee

    2 years

* Applies to HS with dimensions 3000 mm / 2300 mm scheme A


  • Basic veneer colors

  • Additional veneer colors


Our designers’ crown jewel

The HS lift-and-slide balcony door, made from PVC of the highest quality, is the perfect solution for the modern home. Thanks to the large surface area of glazings, this door provides maximum lighting and sunlight penetration. They are a favorite of interior designers – due to their space-saving and sliding leafs, they facilitate the arrangement of every space, no matter how demanding.

drzwi tarasowe podnoszno-przesuwne hs abakus

Security and energy savings

Modern HSportal fittings are applied in HS lift-and-slide balcony doors, along with a sliding unit consisting of wheels traveling in aluminum guide rails. This guarantees fluid and quiet sliding of segments. What is more, the door’s low threshold allows for a fluid transition from the interior to the balcony or terrace, which is a perfect solution for children, the elderly and disabled people. Its special design augments thermal insulation, which translates to energy savings. Moreover, HS balcony doors are equipped with an anti-prying 4-point locking system, ensuring protection and security.

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