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For the past 25 years we have been producing PVC and aluminium joinery of the best quality. We have managed to gain valuable experience in window production branch which additionally benefited in creating a unique manufacture technology – IRMC Production. This idea let us implement IT solutions into ordering procedure, as well as fully mechanize the production process.
Abakus Windows is a company that covers 30 000 square-meter area with its specialized manufacturing park prepared for making the most modern windows in Europe. Hence it is no surprise that our productivity level can reach up to 712 000 window units per year. Creating goods that meet our customers' needs is our priority.
Our offer includes products from the Standard line, energy-saving Energy line and bluEnergy – a line of windows that fulfills strict requirements concerning passive houses. Every line has been tested at external laboratories specialized in construction technologies according to generally accepted standards. We also run our own quality-oriented testing site. Our first concern is creating airtight, lasting windows.
We build our latest products in cooperation with the best European design engineers. Abakus Windows specialists invent prototypes of machines for optimizing production with help of German producers of most up-to-date technologies. Even the slightest matters, such as welding steel reinforcements with PVC is made with the accuracy of 0,2 mm, which guarantees proper strength and tension distribution. Window frames are supplemented with qualitative galvanized steel reinforcements. Despite their invisibility, it is thanks to them and their tenacious design that our constructions owe their durability and lasting to.
They are produced using special dies that help adjust steel forms to each element of the wings and frames. Cut endings are bent to the inside which is an optimal protection against galvanized surfaces of the reinforcements. Below, you can find photographs of such reinforcements made according to standards of IRMC Production, and photographs of other, made at competitive window producers' plants, using traditional, older technologies.

Why Abakus Windows

An important asset of our products is their high thermal efficiency. Saving on energy does not only entails smaller bills, but also reduces an ecological footprint. We offer the latest solutions, giving the comfort of using Abakus Windows products with a visible reduction of heat expenses.
Safety is our priority. We make our windows with glazing fitted with safety dents in order to minimise the risk of a burglary.
The uniqueness of our products on the Polish market lies, inter alia, in 2-chamber bonded gaskets. Thanks to their construction, our windows have high level of sound absorption.
Abakus Windows is a company specializing in obtaining the highest quality products. Proprietary logistical system and particular attentiveness we give to our clients are qualities ensuring a proficient and satisfying cooperation. By choosing our company you give yourself the comfort of being attended by professionals and the certainty of buying an exceptional product. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!
Our offer is motivated by our clients' comfort and satisfaction. We put great care to equip our windows with sterling materials made according to the latest technologies in order to create a high quality product. We create windows with an exceptional lifespan. As a proof, we offer as much as a 5-year warranty on a whole window, not only its components. Abakus Windows is appreciated for its achievements not only by clients but also by independent institutes for exploratory research.


The most significant advantage of Abakus Windows over other companies is the modernity of the production process. Our company is recognized by specialists of the window branch as a “benchmark” because of our production solutions, meaning, mechanized production lines that include:
  • processing centre,
  • four point welding machine,
  • automatic CNC corner cleaner,
  • compact bonding and cleaning line.
Our machines are steered and controlled using a computer with work-flow operating system that coordinates the whole ordering system. We have managed to develop our own technological standards represented by uniquely high productivity level and the best quality of products.
We are one of the very few on the market in possession of veneering machines which contributes to good quality of our products that comes along with reasonable price. The technique we use ensures that every product leaving our manufacture site is exactly the same and of the same exceptional quality.

Abakus Windows IRMC Production:


 Traditional technologies:

Abakus Windows manufacture always brings the latest technology obtained through years of experience.
Standard equipment for all our products include: 
  • high temperature gaskets effectively reducing noise levels,
  • anti-theft fittings,
  • low-E glass,
  • exceptionally durable German profiles.