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okna Salamander

Ultra-modern, energy saving PVC windows from the red line, providing spectacular lighting

redVISIO windows

  • modern windows that provide maximum natural lighting for rooms

  • energy-saving, warm

  • a groundbreaking innovation on the market, with the most advanced specifications

Technical specifications

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  • Number of chambers

    5-chamber frame and casement profiles

  • Floating mullion

    central floating mullion module with a width of just 11 cm; floating mullion with one nearly central handle

  • Depth of installation

    73 mm

  • Heat transfer coefficient of glazing package

    2-pane, 1-chamber package with Ug = 1.1 W/m2K*

  • Gaskets

    2 double-chamber gaskets, heat-sealable, flexible in the corners

  • Heat transfer coefficient of window

    Uw = 1,07 W/m2K**

  • Fittings

    Roto NX

  • Reinforcements

    galvanized steel reinforcements with thickness from 1.5 mm to 2 mm depending on the window’s size

  • Anti-burglary protection

    Up to class RC2

  • Seal

    Abakus IRMC Production® technology

  • Handle


  • Additional accessories

    3 shapes of glazing beads

  • Guarantee

    5 years

* Windows also available in 3-pane, 2-chamber package Ug = 0.6 W/m2K and Uw = 1.1 W/m2K.
** Applies to 1465/1435 reference window.


redVISIO windows are available in a broad range of colors. Besides the basic palette, every customer can select veneers in non-standard colors as per their preferences and facade finishing style.

  • Basic veneer colors

  • Additional veneer colors


High-quality aluminum handles are an inseparable part of Standard line windows – solid and durable, they guarantee long lifetime and functionality.

    • Brown

    • White

okna bluvisio abakus

Light and modernity

redVISIO windows, made from PVC of the highest grade, are distinguished by a nearly central mullion module only 11 cm in width while preserving the highest standards and good heat transfer coefficients. Thanks to this innovative application, bluVISIO windows allow for better sunlight penetration into the interior, lighting it and keeping heat inside.

redVISIO windows are manufactured using the original, energy-saving Abakus IRMC Production® technology. They meet the highest environmental and ecological standards.

okna premium bluvisio abakus

Advanced specifications and design

Premium redVISIO windows have the best heat transfer coefficients in their class for the window and glazing package. Their ergonomy is enhanced by modern handles, which endow these windows with an extraordinary design and character.

Eco-friendly redVISIO windows are perfect for applications in both new buildings and renovations.

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