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Privacy Policy

Cookies Policy

ABAKUS Okna Sp. z o. o. – the website administrator under the domain abakus-okna.com.pl may use „cookies” files. „Cookies” files are computer data, particularly text files, stored in users’ data terminal devices and these files are used while browsing the websites.

Information collected with „cookies” enable to adjust the services and content to users’ individual needs and preferences. The information also serves to develop general statistics concerning the user’s activities in the Service. Personal data collected with the use of „cookies” may be collected solely to be used in particular functions for the User. Such data is encrypted to make it inaccessible by unauthorized people.

Two different types of „cookies”- session and static cookies – are used. Session cookies are temporary and they remain at the user’s device until logging out from the website or switching off the software (Internet browser). Static cookies remain at the user’s device for a definite time determined in the cookies’ parameters or until their manual removal by a user.

Standard software for browsing websites implicitly allows cookies placement in data terminal devices. Such settings may be changed in such a way to block the automatic processing of cookies in web browser settings or to inform each time about cookies transfer to the user’s device. Detail information on possibilities and ways of processing „cookies” is available in software settings (website). Turning off the option allowing the web browser to save cookies basically does not enable to use the website but may cause some difficulties.

Cookies used by website operator’s partners, particularly website users are subject to their own privacy policy.

Privacy Statement

Section 1. Privacy protection

  1. ABAKUS Okna Sp. z o. o. as an administrator of the personal data (hereinafter referred to as „Administrator”) is strongly committed to protecting privacy and confidentiality of the personal data filled out in the electronic form at the website abakus-okna.com.pl by the Internet users (hereinafter referred to as „Users”).
  2. The Administrator chooses and applies with due diligence the appropriate technical and organizational resources with the aim to protect the processed personal data. Solely the entitled employees of the Administrator have a full access to the databases.

Section 2. Grounds for personal data processing

  1. Grounds for personal data processing are the Users’ consent as well as the statutory declaration of consent for personal data processing necessary for information and implementation of the services provided by the Administrator. 2. Providing personal data is voluntary.

Section 3. Collecting personal data

  1. Personal data transmitted by the Users through electronic forms are processed pursuant to the regulations concerning personal data processing, including but not limited to the act on personal data protection of 29 August 1997.
  2. In order to provide commercial advice and a response to a inquiry sent through the electronic form available at abakus-okna.com.pl under the bookmark „Contact”, the user should give the following data: first name, last name, e-mail address, the province, and the city being the place of residence. The user may optionally give the telephone number.
  3. In order to receive the newsletter, the User is obliged to give the correct e-mail address.

Section 4. Scope of personal data processing

  1. The data given by the User is used to send them information about the Administrator and his products and also for the statistical purposes.
  2. User’s contact data is used for information, particularly to provide the services of sending a newsletter. The User may at any time resign from the newsletter.
  3. If the User takes part in a contest organized by the Administrator, the Users’ contact data is used to perform such a contest and e.g. to inform the winner.
  4. The Administrator uses the IP addresses collected from connecting the web for technical purposes connected with servers’ administration. Moreover, the IP addresses serve to collect general, statistical demographic information (e.g. about the region where the connection was established).

Section 5. End of personal data processing

  1. The User may at any time resign from receiving the above mentioned information.
  2. Each User, whose personal data is processed by the Administrator, is entitled to access, complete, update, correct, temporarily or permanently suspend this data or demand it be removed. 3. The rights mentioned in subsection 2 hereinabove are executed by sending an appropriate request to abakus@abakus.com.pl with giving the User’s name, surname and email address.

Section 6. Sharing personal data

Users’ data may be available to authorized entities, including the competent judicial authorities pursuant to applicable laws. When it is not regulated by the Administrator or applicable laws, Users’ personal data may be available to third parties solely upon the user’s consent.