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  • uPVC Tilt & Slide terrace doors is an effective and comfortable system which helps save space,
  • Large panes of glass allow natural light to fill the room,
  • Roto Patio Alversa fittings make sliding even the largest door leaves as effortless as possible,
  • Comfort and security available in three options,
  • *applies to doors measuring 2500 mm / 2300 mm, glazing with a Ug coefficient of 0,5 W/m2K.

Roto Patio Alversa | KS

The tilt & slide Roto Patio Alversa | KS fittings help create the most optimum atmosphere with its ventillation in the tilted position system.
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drzwi uchylno przesuwne alversa ps

Roto Patio Alversa | PS

The parallel sliding system Roto Patio Alversa | PS can be additionally equipped with an invisible from the outside microventillation setup. Thanks to additional anti-theft latches the doors are perfectly safe even while microventillating.

Roto Patio Alversa | PS Air

Roto Patio Alversa | PS Air is the only parallel sliding system on the market with the ability to effectively air the room, even in the tilted position. It allows effortless sliding of even the biggest leaves thanks to built-in automatic handle control.
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