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Abakus HS ALU

Patio doors – Lift & Slide Door HS Alu

szerokosc Profile depth
Ug Glazing heat transfer coefficient Ug
 W/m2K / 0,5 W/m2K
Uw Window heat transfer coefficient Uw
 W/m2K / 0,79 W/m2K*
HS aluminium MB77HS


Lift & Slide is an ideal inside-the-house solution for doors connecting rooms. It can also be used as a comfortable exit door to a terrace, balcony or garden. Very good view onto the surroundings is provided by expansive glazing. Our doors do not take any space away in their open position which improves the comfort of using.

System MB-77HS belongs to the group of products with the best parameters and fulfilling all the requirements established in this group. It includes two different thermal insulation construction variants: ST and HI.

The construction of the profiles makes it possible to create exclusive, formidable doors, equipped with double or triple glazing. Used materials and technological solutions contribute to reaching higher levels of thermal and acoustic insulations. Thanks to all those mentioned features, MB-77HS system proves itself equally in family houses, apartments and hotels.
Types and maximum dimensions of the construction:
schematy otwierania hs aluminium

Advantages of the construction, functionality and aesthetic

  • Slim and durable profiles make it possible to construct low threshold doors with leafs weighing up to as much as 400kg, 3,2m high and 3,3m wide,
  • Wide variety of sills for either double or tripe glazing, as well as thermal breaks along with additional accessories and thermal inputs provide high levels of acoustic and thermal insulations,
  • We offer three types of glazing beads: Standard (rectangular), Prestige (rounded) and Style (shaped),
  • Closed shape of the beads towards the glass and security details make it possible to reach high anti-pry level without a need for changing significant construction elements of the door,
  • Special shape of gaskets and fittings provide high airtightness and waterproofing levels,
  • Profiles are created in such a way that they fit with other available on the market fittings (both manually and automatically lockable),
  • MB-77HS is compatible with MB-86 system which makes it possible to put together windows or doors and their components from both systems,
  • Wide variety of colours fits doors with every interior – no need to worry about miss matching colours.

Wood texture colors

Technical parameters of MB-77HS door:

Air permeability: class 4, EN 12207
Waterproofness: class 9A, EN 12208
Thermal insulation: Uf from 1.4 W/(m2K)
Wind load resistance: up to class C4, EN 12210Przepuszczalność powietrza: klasa 4, EN 12207
Wodoszczelność: klasa 9A, EN 12208
Odporność na obciążenie wiatrem: do klasy C4, EN 12210