mb expo1
MB-EXPO fixed and mobile partition walling system is used to fabricate internal partition walls, distinguishing themselves by a tempered glass pane fixed in clamp profiles which is their structural component. The components of this system allow the fabrication of fixed walls, all-glass hinged and swinging-type doors and parked doors’ segments – accordion and folding doors. The solution is oriented mainly towards shopping malls and office buildings.

The MB-EXPO system can be used up to a maximum height of about 4m with maximum leaves width amounting to 1.4m. It has two groups of profiles of different heights [from the floor level]: low - 36mm and high - 100mm. Profiles’ structural depth is of 33mm for low profiles and 35mm for high profiles, but there is a possibility of equalization by using wider decorative profiles.
The system allows to use tempered glass of the following thicknesses: 8, 10, and 12 mm. The glazing gaskets are not visible, whichever the side. The height of the profiles and the depth of the structure can be increased by prolonged or extended decorative profiles.
Using the MB-EXPO system allows to easily change the functionality of the interior spaces and to divide the interiors’ surface. We also have a possibility to choose among different finishes of aluminium decorative profiles on both sides [“bicolour”] and to use the stainless steel strips. For 100 mm high profiles, it is possible to use lower brush seals to increase the tightness of the leaf. An important advantage of this system is its versatility and the possibility to use hardware manufactured by many companies.


  • invisible glazing gaskets,
  • light and elegant structure,
  • glazing 8, 10 and 12 mm,
  • fixed profile depth regardless of the glass pane thickness,
  • structures up to 4 m high,
  • adapted to use numerous companies’ hardware products: Aluprof, Geze.
mb expo2


mb 80 office1
This internal partition double-glass walling system is designed to fabricate internal partitions in offices and other public facilities. 
The system enables the use of different types of infills, transparent or obscure, with internal louvers and electrical components and office equipment. These walls are especially suitable in buildings where a high sound insulation is required. 
The basic feature of this construction is its versatility in arranging office space, combined with the simplicity of execution of all the works on site.


  • different types of infill: panes 4-14 mm thick, furniture boards 16-18 mm thick, gypsum plasterboards,
  • depth & construction of the basic profiles enables installation of intra-pane louvers,
  • can be combined with a standard, 75 mm-thick gypsum plasterboards,
  • excellent sound insulation in office spaces – noise reduction of 50 dB depending on the type of infill used,
  • possibility to fabricate 80 mm & 92 mm walls,
  • custom division of space, angle of refraction within the range 90°÷180°,
  • simple fabrication & installation, direct on-site pre-fabrication in option,
  • cables inside the wall, installation of standard power sockets,
  • can be combined with MB-45 wall or MB-45 (centrally or flushed with the plane of the wall),and with MB-45S door (flushed with the plane of the wall and with non-protruding hinges), and MB-45 OFFICE (with centrally-installed leaf, flushed with the plane of the wall, plus non-protruding hinges),
  • max. development height: 5.5 m.
mb 80 office2

MB-45 / MB-45 OFFICE

mb 45 office1
Due to its versatility and wide application possibilities, the MB-45 & MB-45 OFFICE systems are dedicated to the fabrication of lightweight, yet solid partition walls in conference rooms and office spaces with “clearly marked” door. The MB-45 OFFICE fixed and door-equipped partitioning system is designed to fabricate internal partition walls whose distinguishing feature is their tempered glass pane used as a structural component. The elements of this system enable fabrication of fixed partition walls and all-glass door leaves for hinged and swinging-type doors.

MB-45 is used to fabricate various types of partition walls, windows, doors, including manual & automatic sliding doors, swing doors, vestibules, and other spatial structures.MB-45 can be used for special scenarios such as fabrication of smokeresistant partition walls & doors MB-45D (classes: Sm, Sa ).


  • light and durable structure,
  • design depth 45 mm,
  • infill ranging from 2-25 mm (dedicated, 8, 10 and 12 mm tempered glass panes),
  • various types of partition walls, windows, doors, including manual & automatic sliding doors, swing doors, vestibules, etc.
  • smoke-resistant doors MB-45D (in Sm and Sa classes ),
  • continuously mounted glazing gaskets, no more cutting at the corners,
  • possibility of changing interior design,
  • adapted to use numerous companies’ hardware products: Aluprof WSSlekka i mocna konstrukcja
mb 45 office2


mb 78ei1
Aluprof offers MB-78EI system-based transparent fire-rated wall solution – “Silicone joined fire-rated glazed walls”. It enables fabrication of internal partitions walls without the visible vertical wall profiles that separate the individual modules of the wall, while preserving its full fire resistance. The joint between the glass panes is only 4 mm, and is filled with firestop, intumescent material and with non-inflammable silicone. The silicone is available in three colours (black, grey or white).

Partition walls can thus have a height of more than 3.6 m with modules’ width up to 1.8 m. Fire tests performed by the Poland’s Building Research Institute (ITB) on these partition walls included the so-called “free-edge model”, so there is no limit on the maximum length of this type of walls.

MB-78EI Silicone joined glazed wall system brings you virtually unlimited design and construction possibilities, offering very large internal partition walling products. Thanks to the transparent modules, all the constructions fabricated using this system make your interiors optically bigger. The system also provides security by allowing the arrangement of the building’s fire zones and this ensuring appropriate conditions for the evacuation of building occupants.


  • Aluprof’s solution has been designed and then tested at the ITB in two fire-rating classes: EI30 & EI60,
  • joint width between the modules is only 4 mm,
  • max. width of glass modules: 1.5 m (H max 3.6 m) and 1.8 m (H max 3.0 mm),
  • unlimited width of a single wall.
mb 78ei2
mb 78ei5


  • available in two fire protection classes: E130 & E160,
  • joint width between the modules is only 4 mm,
  • max. width of glass modules: 1.5 m (H max 3.6 m) and 1.8 m (H max 3.0 mm),
  • unlimited width of a single walldostępne dwie klasy odporności ogniowej: EI30 i EI60.