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Abakus Windows from Poland is a dynamically developing company that has been present on the market for 25 years. Continuous improvement allows us to invest a 100% in testing new technologies, which guarantees company's development and innovative character of the manufacture. This results in products customized for our clients' needs and wishes. We create windows according to various thermal requirements; from Standard type, through Energy line, characterized with energy-efficiency, to passive bluEnergy, the most advanced type of our products.

Our rich offer also includes ideal solutions for your doors. Our clients may choose from a wide variety of front and terrace doors, both produced from PVC or aluminium, as well as from even more comfortable - Abakus Lift & Slide Door HS.

Throughout the years of gaining experience we have mastered the way in which a company ought to function. The fruit of our labour is the Integrated Remote Manager Control Production system, in short, IRMC Production. Full automation of the production process at Abakus Windows is based on the most innovative in Europe, high-tech manufacture park. Multiple nominations and awards Abakus Windows has received, including our pride, the biggest Polish appreciation, “The Quality of the Year 2014”, are the best evidence of our products' reliability.


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We would like to inform you about finishing the next stage of modernizing our machine park for window production. Newly installed line have fully automated the production of window frames. In one cycle we can weld frames, assemble mullions, clean corners and adjust hinges. This investment, except for increased efficiency, upholds the quality and repeatability of our products.


One of the biggest exhibitions in Europe will happen this year between the 16th and 19th of March in Nuremberg, Germany. This international business gathering that associates window and door producers, as well as related companies, is an excellent occassion to mark our position on the market. Abakus Windows ended 2015 by introducing a whole new line of products based on the luxury Salamander bluEvolution 82 profile suitable for passive windows production. The main goal of our exhibition at Fensterbau Frontale is presenting our flagship constructions. Windows with a modern exterior trim bordering the embrasure and constructions with an incredibly slim floating mullion are our main attractions at this year's exhibition. Our stronger position on the German market forces us to present our rapid development to our western colleagues. We would like to invite you to participate in Fensterbau Frontale, visit our stand and encourage you to have a chat with us. Look for us in HALL 3A, stand number 135!

Purchasing Abakus Energy or bluEnergy windows with the new insulated glazing CLIMATOP XN will help you safe money. Abakus Windows company offers this new product to everyone who values great comfort in a mini price. This new insulated glazing, in which we equip our energy-efficient and passive windows, is a real “Ace” in the field of economy! The glass used in the glazing is brighter which means that there is as much as 12% more solar energy coming through your windows! It visibly lowers the costs of energy in your house during the colder months. Despite those changes, thermal isolation remains on the same, high level of Ug. The conclusion is one – additional energy absorbed by the windows is captivated in the building thanks to the high isolation level of the glazing Ug=0,5 W/m²K– 0,6 W/m²K. You receive more heat for the same price! The amount of light in rooms increased by 7% will lower you energy bill. With Abakus Windows your house will fill with light and become more environmentally friendly.

…and brighter

Energy-efficiency is not the only advantage of the CLIMATOP XN – he is unrivalled because of its look too! Users of the energy-efficient windows can finally forget about the unwanted “side effect” of the insulated glazing, also called “dirty-curtain effect”. From now on you can enjoy a view that is 30% brighter!


CLIMATOP XN has one more modification thanks to which it takes the lead in the competition for the most energy-efficient types of insulated glazing. It is a unique thermal spacer bar SWISSPACER ADVANCE with excellent parameters, which in most cases eliminates the problem of the water condensation and makes windows even more resistant to temperature infiltration. Additional advantage of the SWISSPACER ADVANCE is its sateen finish and wide range of colours. Now you can perfectly adjust the colour of your windows to their surroundings.

Please, come and visit us. We guarantee the highest quality.
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The last few days have been a very special time for Abakus Windows employees and clients - the company has just turned 20 years old! The birthday celebration took place on the 19th of November 2014, at Zubrovka Hotel in Bialowieza, Podlaskie.

Białowieża 2014In the gorgeous deep forests of Bialowieza, Abakus Windows has hosted a conference for company friends and clients. The meeting opened with a presentation about the beginnings of the company and its latest achievements which revived the memories of the past two decades. Guests also had the opportunity to learn about the newest and the most modern solutions implemented into our innovative products. The presentation ended with the CEO of Abakus Windows, Mr. Kamil Grodecki, taking guests onto an imaginary ride introducing the latest machines that revolutionize production and improve the quality of Abakus Windows products.

Kamil Grodecki
The highlight of the conference was presentation of a window prototype with an exceptionally slim floating mullion, which will be in our standard offer next year.

okno Abakus bluEnergy

Guests have greatly appreciated the announcement of the new product and with pleasure became a part of Abakus Windows birthday celebration. The culmination of the evening was a festive dinner, accompanied with solemn orations as well as artistic performance of the birthday group itself. We were absolutely delighted with such amazing guests thanks to whom we achieved perfect atmosphere of happiness. it was a truly fantastic night!

okno Abakus bluEnergy

The beginning of March 2015 flew by under the word "education". This time it was us in the role of a teacher. We had the pleasure of hosting a meeting for our foreign business partners. Latvian companies cooperating with us have sent their large representation that included both board of management and employees from sales and technological department.

20150305 1 20150305 2

Our guests had the opportunity to participate in a lecture about our current offer and how our windows are made. In order to apply new knowledge more efficiently, we allowed our guests to visit our production halls for PVC and Aluminium constructions. We showed them around, explaining step by step the proccess of producing our doors and windows. We also answered a lot of nurturing questions! We put a special emphasis on the presentation of the latest technological achievements of Abakus Windows - the most up-to-date machining centre and compact welding and CNC cleaning line for the PVC profiles. This is how the first day of the training passed. The next day, our Latvian friends had the opportunity to participate in meetings with representatives of our partnership companies: Roto -  fittings supplier, and Pilkington - one of the glass suppliers; they both spoke about the variety of their products and the production.

20150305 320150305 4

The gathering was intense and very positive. In our local company headquartes we experienced a great inspiring and friendly atmosphere. We will remember our Latvian friends as curious observers and smart learners. Hosting such a meeting was also a valuable lesson to us.

20150305 5

We are pleased to inform that Abakus windows will be again fighting for one of the most prestigous awards in Poland - "The Quality of the Year 2015".
Since the very beginning of 2015 we have been impatiently waiting for the news about nominations. It has been known from the very beginning that this year's edition cannot take place without us. So we are waiting for the developments and keeping our fingers crossed - we want to remain on the first place in "The Product of the Year" category. This year, as in the previous, our product competing for this prize is the line of our passive windows - bluEnergy!
We must admit - we are bursting with joy. It is a great motivation to constantly spread our wings in the field of new technologies and unceasingly polish the quality of our products.
It is really a fantastic feeling to be appreciated :).

Abakus Windows – progress pioneers in Poland.

Abakus Windows has been present on the market for the past 20 years. Throughout those years we have proven our innovative and most excellent quality of products multiple times, thereby gaining a large group of regular clients. Year 2014 is an eventful time for our company. We have been awarded “The Quality of the Year 2014”, the most prestigious award in Poland, for the bluEnergy windows. We do not rest on our laurels, though. Abakus Windows manufacture is going through an overall restructuring in order to optimize efficiency and, primarily, become a benchmark for quality levels.
From the very beginning we have been using prototype machines, built according to our technologies by German company ROTOX. The last two years have been a very bountiful cooperation that resulted in creating the most up-to-date machines possible. Usage of such advanced technology heralds a breakthrough in production of windows with fine, aesthetic welds and soft in corners welding gaskets. We have recently finished the exciting process of testing our latest purchases.
We can proudly announce that, in the upcoming season, Abakus Windows is implementing newest technologies and devices made with an exceptional precision for even better products.

A window equipped with soft welding gaskets has higher sound absorption and air-tightness levels which means a higher comfort of using. The thinnest welds possible on the market not only give a fine look to our windows (even the white ones), but also provide lesser failure frequency, smooth surface of windows and easier maintenance.

When creating our products we try to innovate our windows and at the same time support the protection of the environment. Thanks to the implementation of the optimizing system, level of waste produced in our factory decreased by 25%. We believe that our investment is a promise of our customers' satisfaction and an inspiration for other companies of this branch of industry.

We are pleased to inform that we have been awarded “The Quality of the Year 2014” in the “Product of the Year” category. Our top line of products displayed for competition in this prestigious Polish contest was the line of passive windows bluEnergy.

“The Quality of the Year” is an annual contest organised by Qualitas Foundation - European Centre of Promotion of Good Business Practices based in Katowice, Poland. It promotes quality and high standards of businesses in Poland. We are tremendously delighted with our achievement – particularly because we are in the narrow circle of prosperous companies. Such companies have managed to build trust of their clients, as well as develop continued and propitious cooperation. The significance of “The Quality of the Year” programme lies in its deliberate inner circle of the contest winners. This year, The European Organization for Quality, based in Brussels, took Honorary Patronage over the contest.

Our great success would not happen without our unique IRMC Production - Integrated Remote Manager Control. We reckon that producing windows in the most advanced manufacturing park in Europe foreshadows the technological breakthrough on the window joinery market. We are very pleased to be appreciated by the experienced; thereby, we want to assure our clients that our ambition is, still, further development and modernization of Abakus Windows company.

bluEnergy quality year 2014

On the 26th of March, 2012, Polish Patent Office validated the right to protection of our Trademark.

Abakus logo

XXVI Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, organized by The World Cruising Club has come to an end! This the biggest in the world transatlantic sailing event could not happen without a Polish accent. Among several hundred teams taking part in the rally, there was a Polish team with the chairman of Brügmann S.A. and the chairman of Abakus Windows on board. Our representants were so good they managed to come second (open class)! Polish crew had also a special guest on their boat - Abakus Energy window based on one of the Brügmann profiles. It showed great resistance to unstable weather and strong sunlight.