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Manufacturing Plant
Mickiewicza 76
16-070 Choroszcz
Podlaskie, POLAND
+48 (85) 713 09 70

+48 (85) 713 09 72


Abakus multiplies benefits this Fall!

Everything thanks to satisfied customers that in crowds started buying our best products! Thanks to a huge interest in our passive and energy-efficient Abakus joinery - we are extending our promotion! Everyone who buys either Abakus Energy or bluEnergy windows will receive intelligent glazing with XN layer, which increases thermal energy absorption, and 2 anti-pry latches as a standard in every window, for free!

Test your windows this Fall and affirm yourself it was worth it!
Please, contact our Export Department.

Ladies and Gentlemen - Summer Promotion has arrived!

We have launched our promotion for new insulated glazing thanks to which your house will save money for you. If you purchase Abakus Energy or bluEnergy windows this Spring, you will receive your order with our new insulated glazing CLIMATOP XN without any additional costs. It is a perfect idea for a cosy and economical house. Abakus Windows company offers this new product to everyone who values great comfort in a mini price. This new insulated glazing, in which we equip our energy-efficient and passive windows, is a real “Ace” in the field of economy!

Towards the sun!

Special glass panes from which the glazing is constructed makes it much brighter than previously. You can experience 12% more solar energy coming through your windows which will significantly lower the costs of heating during colder months.

Perfect isolation

Excellent glazing's isolation level Ug=0,5 W/m²K – 0,6 W/m²K will keep the extra energy inside the house. This means more warmth in your house – for free! The amount of light in your house increased by 7% will decrease the costs of energy. With Abakus windows your house will fill with light and, at the same time, will become more environmentally friendly.

Crystal clear

Energy-efficiency is not the only advantage of the CLIMATOP XN – it is unrivalled because of its look too! Users of the energy-efficient windows can finally forget about the unwanted “side effect” of the insulated glazing, also called “dirty-curtain effect”. From now on you can enjoy a view that is 30% brighter!


has one more modification thanks to which it takes the lead in the competition for the most energy-efficient types of insulated glazing. It is a unique warm frame system SWISSPACER ADVANCE with excellent parameters, which in most cases eliminates the problem of the water condensation and makes windows even more resistant to temperature infiltration. Additional advantage of the SWISSPACER ADVANCE is its sateen finish and wide range of colours. Now you can perfectly adjust the colour of your windows to the surroundings.


Our motto is “Go bigger – go home!” In order to satisfy our clients' needs, we really do give them everything! We offer you two additional anti-burglary hatches – and again – completely free of charge! From now on, each of our clients will receive a window equipped with 2 anti-burglary hatches.

In conclusion, this Spring will welcome you with warmth, light and safety – in every window and free of charge.

For more information concerning the Spring promotion, please contact our Export Department.