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Abakus Lift & Slide Door HS

  • Abakus Lift & Slide Door HS made from PVC is a very functional, comfortable and space saving construction,
  • thanks to large glass panes the interior is filled with natural light,
  • special HS-Portal fittings make sliding large door leaf easier and almost effortless,
  • low (19 mm high), airtight threshold, is comfortable for everyone, including those with disabilities (according to DIN 18025),
  • sliding door roller system is equipped with aluminium guide rail,
  • door has four interlocking points.
drzwi podnoszono przesuwne hs
The ease in sliding our door based on HS system is thanks to the highest quality HS­-Portal fittings. The roller system with aluminium guide rail is a guarantee of smooth and silent door usage. Low, airtight threshold is comfortable for everyone, including those with disabilities. Impressive glazing let in large amounts of natural light. Moreover, the construction of the door, thanks to its space saving design, helps in arranging the interior according to one's own preferences. A facility with built­-in HS system is protected against burglary thanks to the four interlocking points (already in standard version). Sleep tight and wake up in a house full of light!

drzwi podnoszono przesuwne hsstyka

Profile SALAMANDER HS system with window frame construction depth of 172 mm and leaf construction depth of 76 mm allows designing doors up to 2,5 m high and 6 m wide.
Glazing 24 mm thick double­-glazing with U­-value equal to 1,1W/m2k. Possibility of substituting with thicker, 24 – 48 mm, glass panes for a surcharge.
Fittings HS-­Portal fittings provide comfortable and easy usage of doors (even up to 400kg); they are also equipped with handle­-steered micro­-ventilation.
Colours Possibility of varnishing or veneering with decorative inlays.

 Brochure (in Polish)

drzwi podnoszono przesuwne hs 

Types and maximum dimensions of the construction: