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Abakus bluDECORO - NEW

BluDECORO is our response to the growing interest in all-in-one joinery. It is made of the best profiles, fitted with a special exterior trim bordering the embrasure and extruded aluminium window sill. The frame, connected to the exterior finishing trim, creates an aesthetic whole that is available in a wide range of colours. The uniqueness of this product lies in the fact that it can be assembled after the completion of work on the facade. From now on, the embrasure will no longer be blemished with damp patches and moss. Such a solution has been appreciated for years by customers from Benelux countries. Abakus knows that there is a reason for this.
okno bluDECORO 
Product Description


  • 6-chamber window and casement profiles made from the best PVC materials,
  • QUALITY OF THE YEAR 2015 in „Product of the year” category,
  • construction depth of 202mm – ideal for old and new buildings,
  • insulated extruded aluminium window sill,
  • as a standard, triple glazing with U-value equal to 0,5 W/m2K,
  • deep glazing embedment increases thermal insulation of the window; internal chambers efficiently improve ventilation and cooling of the profile,
  • two compression seals and an additional central seal improve thermal and sound-proofing performances of the window,
  • outstanding heat transfer coefficient Uw equal to 0,7 W/m2K in windows equipped with glazing with Ug equal to 0,5 W/m2K,
  • additional ribs for strengthening window and casement profiles,
  • Roto NT fittings with RotoSil Nano coating,
  • 2mm thick steel reinforcements, in both casement and frame
  • gaskets welded in corners,
  • welds made according to Abakus IRMC technology,
  • Swisspacer - warm frame system,
  • Roto Secustic handles,
  • five-year warranty.
jakosc roku nominacja 2015


Abakus bluenergy
  • 6-chamber SALAMANDER bluEvolution 82 system,
  • construction depth of 202 mm,
  • two compression seals and an additional central seal improving thermal and sound-proofing performances of the windows,
  • available in standard colours as well as non-standard
  • additional strengthening ribs.
  • triple glazing with U-value equal to 0,5 W/m2K which is one of the best heat transfer coefficients possible,
  • Swisspacer in between the panes that lowers the risk of window condensation,
  • colour-matching Swisspacer,
  • optional glazing with increased security and burglary-resistance.
  • Roto Secustik handles in selected colours,
  • Roto NT fittings with anti-corrosive RotoSil Nano coating,
  • optional invisible Roto NT Designo fittings,
  • anti-draft plug and micro-ventilation enabling constant air flow,
  • special fittings design provides already high level of anti-pry protection in standard version.
  • under-sill sealing bar,
  • optional lower fittings groove filling,
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Golden Oak
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Dark Oak
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pdfCertyfikat z badania okna referencyjnego
pdfRysunek techniczn bluENERGY 
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pdfAtest higieniczny
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Quick and sure installation of a window to a brick wall – JB-D® /L System  pdf

Quick and sure installation of a window to a brick wall with protruding up to 40 mm - JB-D® /L System

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