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Manufacturing Plant
Mickiewicza 76
16-070 Choroszcz
Podlaskie, POLAND
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Why do my curtains look dirty?

'Dirty curtain' effect is caused by a special coating on the glass. Because of that, it might give an impression of a dirty curtain, but thanks to the coating we are able to construct glass with U-value equal to 1,1.

What to do in case of door closing by itself?

Self-closing interior door might be annoying and in order to fix that, door hinges have to be adjusted. You can ask a specialist to do that, or adjust them on your own – it is not that difficult!

What is a hydraulic conductivity?

A hydraulic conductivity is the amount of air flowing through a window at a certain amount of time. Its level is determined by an European Technical Approval.

What could have caused my window casements to curve?

Is your window casement curved? In PVC windows, the casement will always adapt to the shape of the frame so it is vital to check the frames first. Minimal casement deformations are allowable, as long as they remain resistant to wind and rain. Windows should be still able to open and close with ease.

What is better - anchors or dowels?

There is no universal advice when it comes to window montage. It is hard to tell which option is better as it depends on the size of the window, type of the wall and its carrying capacity. To generalize, assembling windows using dowels is safer but not always possible (for instance, in case of triple-layered wall).

Is it worth changing glass panes in my windows?

Glass panes with U-value of, for instance, 2,8, exchanged for glass panes of U-value 1,1 will visibly reduce the costs of heat. Not only will it be a material advantage, but also it will increase the comfort of not having a wind blowing over us through our not tight enough windows. So we say "yes" to changing glass panes!

How to remove mould?

In order to remove mould from the walls, try using, for instance, Ceresit CT 99.

What to use for cleaning the frames?

Frames of the windows can be cleaned using regular cleaning detergents, such as washing-up liquid or WHS paste. But we highly recommend using special cleaning products made exclusively for the window maintenance.

No microventilation

If your windows are not equipped in microventilation, and during the winter they tend to accumulate water, no need to buy new ones! All you need to do is install a ventilator (for instance, Ventair or Aereco) in every room. The problem of water condensation will disappear.

Reflective glass

Glass panes with one pane covered in an energy reflecting layer are called reflective glass. Such glazing helps in keeping the appropriate temperature inside the house which contributes to lower costs of heating. Such glass is in every type or model of Abakus windows.

Prices - regular and irregular shapes

Regularly shaped windows, meaning those of standardized dimensions*, are cheaper by a few percent than irregularly shaped windows. This is caused by higher costs of production as well as trade policies of the producer. Corner windows are usually a bit more expensive than standard constructions. Additional cost of a special connector has to be applied, as well as costs of an authorized montage performed by an experienced worker.
*Windows of standardized dimensions at Abakus Windows are those with frames from 50 to 300cm long.

What is a micro-tilt?

Micro-tilt, also called a microventilation or unseal, is a characteristic of a window that enables constant air-flow. The amount of air flowing through the windows depends on the size and fittings used. Despite not being generally accepted by the European Technical Approvals, in many cases, micro-tilts in windows serve as a basic air-flow mechanism; not forgetting about clearing the airway and creating an even row of ventilation canals. Micro-tilt does not substitute proper room ventilating, especially in the presence of many people or high level of humidity (for instance, when cooking).

Do steel reinforcements in PVC window profiles corrode?

During times of high thermal activity, there might be water vapour condensating on steel reinforcements inside the window profiles, which leads to the corrosion of those elements. Abakus Windows company uses the best quality galvanized steel reinforcements. The whole construction, including reinforcements, PVC profiles, gaskets and fittings, is naturally subject to aging processes and exploitation. The durability of PVC windows is app. 50-70 years.

Why condensation appears only on one glass pane?

If water drops cumulate within the cavity, it means the sealed unit has failed and is not tight enough. If water vapour appears on the inner glass it means that it probably does not have a low-E coating. It is possible to make a mistake during the montage and assemble the window conversely – this might also be the cause of water condensation on the inner glass.

Are white PVC windows more durable than the coloured ones?

Coloured windows warm up faster and stronger than white ones – this is why they have different casement constructions. They are also built with differently shaped steel reinforcements. The durability of white and coloured windows, as far as the construction is concerned, all in all is comparable (app. 50-70 years).

What to use for removing the masking tape?

Masking tape, as well as any adhesive tape protecting PVC profiles, should be removed within 3 months of assembling. After that time, the only way to remove it is using special solvents. Using them for cleaning the remainings of the tapes can lead to discolouration of the profile. You also should be extra cautious when using solvents on coloured windows.

Why during the winter inner glass is steamy?

It is most likely because of high humidity in the room. Water vapour condensate in the coldest areas of the room (for instance, when we take something cold from the fridge the object will be covered in steam in a few seconds). Usually, the coldest place turns out to be the window.

No reinforcements

If reinforcements in windows are not thick enough or there are no reinforcements at all, PVC window casements may start to buckle. All types and models of Abakus windows are built using the highest quality galvanized steel reinforcements.

Will changing windows reduce the condensation phenomenon?

During colder months, condensation intensively appears on the glass panes, especially on the windward side of windows and on outer glass panes. It is caused by poor room ventilation since ventilators are usually located in the kitchen and bathroom only. Then how to solve the issue of “water dribbling down the windows”? Changing them is the only effective solution. Caulking the inside shutters might help temporarily as it will stop the migration of the vapour that later turns into drops of water visible on the outer glass panes. It cannot be done in every window though, as it will block all the ventilation completely. The phenomenon of condensation may also be diminished by mechanical ventilation that will drag away humid air to the ventilation grates.

Why water condensation is visible only on the edges of the window glass panes?

Are your glass panes covered in water drops only 3-5cm from the edge of the glass, not the whole window? The reason might be the construction. A, so-called, glazed glass that is assembled in windows, is built from two glass panes that are connected with each other with a metal spacer. In the place of the spacer, a thermal bridge might appear which is a direct cause of the water condensation. Checking the natural ventilation is the first thing to do as it is the most common cause of the mentioned phenomenon. Windows equipped with thermo spacer (warm PVC frame) do not show signs of the condensation.

What is usually the level of sound-absorption?

Thanks to the use of glass panes in various thicknesses and filling the space between them with heavy gas (for instance sulfur hexafluoride), our windows have high level of sound-absorption. Additionally, we use special profiles and welding gaskets. In case of traditional windows, sound-absorption level equals to about 34dB. Abakus Windows company uses 5-chamber profiles, as well as 2-chamber welding gaskets which, in combination with our standard window package, guarantees the sound-absorption level of 36dB (verified by the Building Research Institute). It all means that our products muffle sound 50% better than windows with sound-absorption level of 34dB.