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Manufacturing Plant
Mickiewicza 76
16-070 Choroszcz
Podlaskie, POLAND
+48 (85) 713 09 70

+48 (85) 713 09 72


The most significant advantage of Abakus Windows over other companies is the modernity of the production process. Our company is recognized by specialists of the window branch as a “benchmark” because of our production solutions, meaning, mechanized production lines that include:

  • processing centre
  • four point welding machine
  • automatic CNC corner cleaner
  • compact bonding and cleaning line
Our machines are steered and controlled using a computer with work-flow operating system that coordinates the whole ordering system. We have managed to develop our own technological standards represented by uniquely high productivity level and the best quality of products.

We are one of the very few on the market in possession of veneering machines which contributes to good quality of our products that comes along with reasonable price. The technique we use ensures that every product leaving our manufacture site is exactly the same and of the same exceptional quality.