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Manufacturing Plant
Mickiewicza 76
16-070 Choroszcz
Podlaskie, POLAND
+48 (85) 713 09 70

+48 (85) 713 09 72


The Quality of the Year 2014

 quality-eng We are pleased to inform that we have been awarded “The Quality of the Year 2014” in the “Product of the Year” category. Our top line of products displayed for competition in this prestigious Polish contest was the line of passive windows bluEnergy. “The Quality of the Year” is an annual contest organised by Qualitas Foundation - European Centre of Promotion of Good Business Practices based in Katowice, Poland. It promotes quality and high standards of businesses in Poland. We are tremendously delighted with our achievement – particularly because we are in the narrow circle of prosperous companies. Our great success would not happen without our unique IRMC Production - Integrated Remote Manager Control. We reckon that producing windows in the most advanced manufacturing park in Europe foreshadows the technological breakthrough on the window joinery market. We are very pleased to be appreciated by the experienced; thereby, we want to assure our clients that our ambition is, still, further development and modernization of Abakus Windows company.

The Gazelles of Business 2007 (Gazele Biznesu 2007)

  A prize awarded every year by the "Business Pulse (Puls Biznesu) magazine to the most dynamically developing companies. “The Gazelles of Business” is a renowned and prestigious award in the business environment. Its jury considers companies’ achievements, development and dynamics.

The Ambassador of Business 2007 (Ambasador Biznesu 2007)

  The “Ambasador Biznesu” is an annual contest organised by the Podlaska Regional Development Foundation and the Podlaskie Euro Info Centre. It is awarded to those companies, operating in the Podlaskie Voivodeship, that represent good values, qualities and economics.